"One's destination is never a place,
but rather a new way of looking at things"

  Henry Miller   

Terra-terra is how we want to be every day. Clear, direct, concrete. Connected to the Earth in the most bare and natural way. In love with Nature in the most sublime and obsessive way. Terra-terra for us means conveying original content, explaining ourselves well, sharing small and big expectations, turning every imagination into a unique and exciting journey.

Terra-terra is the shout of Christopher Columbus grasping a much-desired landing, it is the ability to be essential and elegant at the same time. Because there is nothing more sensible and noble than the ground on which we walk, run, fall, travel.

Only by standing with one's feet on the ground can one accomplish great feats. Only by feeling grains of earth can one enter that cosmic empathy that generates respect and a sense of community. Only reality makes one able to imagine.


A handful of fresh earth dirties the hand for a second, but it makes us feel like trees, rocks, flowers, fruits, volcanoes, rosemary, grass stalks: free and connected. Terra-terra is our permanent centre of gravity, the point from which we start each day, the goal we hold in our feet and in our heads.

Terra-terra is the (intentional!) repetition of the one, great common good we have: the Planet. A wonderful, multifaceted, infinite, suffering being. A stellar creature that we need to discover, protect, love, and know.

Terra-terra is an educational, wise, and patient contribution that will make our present and - therefore - our future better.



I was born in Com in 1985, after studying accounting, my professional history unravels among silk remnants and fabric pulls, in managing the accounts of a large textile Group. But in 2015 I chose to change my life and threw myself into the travel industry, certain that I had made a sustainable and conscious decision, which today I share with the entire MOVE team. Lover of travel, good wine, long lunches with friends, animals and my family. My dream? To write a book, to live by the sea, and to grow my own garden...possibly not only in the "Metaverse."


I was born on February 29, which accustomed me early on ... to managing complicated agendas! I grew up in Rome, but my heart is the green heart of Umbria, where, among olive trees and animals, I was able to give free rein to my love for nature. Professionally, I started - literally - "with my head in the clouds." But I never stopped keeping my feet on the ground, with all the concreteness and method of which I am capable.
Today, numbers are my strongest allies: after all, how can I not get excited about a new formula of my miraculous excel?


Born and raised in the family agency, I always thought that traveling meant reaching faraway countries.
Today, although I continue to willingly move around the world, I have realized that the real journey is one that leads to self-discovery, rediscovering day after day the small and great pleasures and values that helped us grow up.
All this, without ever forgetting respect for a higher balance: that which concerns the well-being of the environment and the protection of our beloved Earth.


My name is Stefania Buonavita and - as my last name says - I have chosen a smiling and wandering life. For almost 20 years I have been working as a tour package specialist. The name of the first hotel I booked: "the village La Chiappa" in Corsica... completely unaware that it was a naturist village! Since then, I have presented thousands of trips, with my methodical and perfectionist nature. The most beautiful trip started 5 years ago with the birth of my daughter Vittoria: a mini-me who packs everyday cheerfulness, desire to discover the world and a lot of good mood.


I was born and raised in the mountains of Sicilian inland, playing bass guitar, and dreaming of a future as an AC Milan footballer. I have studied in Rome and Milan, in which I got a master's degree in tourism economics which propelled me into the world of events, where over 15 years I held operational, commercial and management roles. I'm in constant search of experiences and people who can bring out the best in me. Move is a return to my roots, a passion for the environment and local communities, a desire to get involved to build a better future.



I consider myself a problem solver because I always like to ground new solutions by looking for quick and easy ways.
The same ones I ride on my road bike. When I am with it, I don't feel fatigue, I enjoy the scenery and relax.
On professional trails, as on bike trails, I never give up: I am stubborn and determined, especially when it comes to protecting the environment by devising new ways to enjoy the wonders of nature.
That's why I decided to sprint toward the MOVE project, which focuses on ecotourism and sustainability.


Class 1977, in fact born directly connected with football... After my great passion for sport came the one for legislation, law and justice. Having completed my studies and then my internship and obtained the title of Lawyer, I decided not to practice law, finding myself  unintentionally catapulted into the world of tourism, that since 2008 I have been so passionate that I decided to focus exclusively on the legal and bureaucratic aspects of travel and events. In my work, as in my private life, tenacity and pragmatism are my suitable attributes.


I was born and raised in Turin. I moved two years ago in the beautiful Lecco, on Annone Lake, and from October 2023 I have been part of this Team...I am at your service! Being a travel agent is not just a job but a real passion, in my case I didn't choose my job but the job chose me and for 23 years we have always been faithful to each other. Travelling is an irresistible attraction, who ables to go to the other side of the world or to try new "experiences" even just staying in your own country opens your mind and satisfies your soul.. 



Biorfarm is the first digital agricultural community created to revolutionize the relationship between people and the food we bring to our table. Founded on two pillars, small producers, and end consumers, we want to make people rediscover contact with nature, enhancing the quality and traditions of small organic farmers while ensuring the creation of a more sustainable system, environmentally and socially.


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We sponsor the Esplorando Malu project, which was born from the union between the passion for biking of some sportsmen and the desire to marry a solidarity cause. The project consists of cycling and walking through the areas of central Italy affected by the earthquake, documenting the situation to discover these areas by promoting tourism and enhancing the culture and uniqueness of the place. The route will take place between April 17 and 23 and will touch several locations including L'Aquila, Amatrice, Norcia and Assisi.

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Under full sail in a sea of sustainability and team spirit.
With the sponsorship of the Meltemi Beneteau Oceanis 373, MOVE climbs aboard the historic Rolex Giraglia Cup.
MOVE, which has respect for the environment in its DNA and makes teamwork its winning formula-wanted to tie up with the historic Rolex Giraglia Cup regatta by sponsoring the Meltemi Beneteau Oceanis 373, a boat that has racked up important results in recent years.




In the summer of 2022, MOVE joins Startup Turismo, the only organization in Italy that represents travel startups.
The choice was made because Move believes that the association's support will help it achieve its goal of building a network between startup founders, major players in the travel industry, investors, and institutions in order to foster synergies and collaborations. This belief stems from Move's values and projects.