A real journey is not about finding new land,
but about having new eyes.

(Marcel Proust) 


We create unique and exclusive moments in contact with nature, with recognized witnesses of arts and
culture and sports champions.

Immersive experiences in the world of agriculture and nature, to live as protagonists, really getting your hands dirty, alongside the women and men who live and work in contact with the land and nature.
Unforgettable experiences to live with the champions of your favourite discipline: to make a dream come true thanks to our exclusive programs

Packages with participation in Academy to perfect your skills, combined with stays and tourist experiences, in the most beautiful places in the world

Thematic itineraries to experience 360° of the passion that binds every moment of travel.

Innovative and engaging "team building" events and projects tailored to achieve business goals

Realization and organization of packages including tickets to major national and international events, combined with tourist services, to enjoy the show at its best