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Location: North Italy
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Period: 5 stages

starting from € 290

Holistic path that consists of 5 stages developed on different issues, linked to the journey, sleep and dream, through naturalistic itineraries, within the reach of all, allowing you to get in full contact with yourself, with the naturalness of the places and the seasons.

Participation includes the excursion on Saturday on a fascinating but simple nature trail, accompanied by the hiking guide and the expert of dreams and shared moments of discussion and deepening upon return to the hotel and on Sunday morning. The dream expert will remain at your disposal online, even in the following weeks, to share your dreams at night at the end of each experience, to give space to your dream world and see it grow along the way.


  • Improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Use your body in a conscious way 
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • More crearly recall your dreams
  • Learn to make your dreams self-healing power


april 15-16, 2023 On the Serra Morenica d'Ivrea among the vineyards of Erbaluce

Getting good results
Posture, use of arms and poles
Dreamers' experiences: methods and strategies to remember dreams

june 24-25, 2023 The Walser trail in Gressoney

Nourishment and energies
For the body: nutrition and hydration
For the mind: what do dreams feed on? How do dreams feed me?

 september 23-24, 2023 The Infernot of Cella Monte in Monferrato

Going back to the basis
Learn to breathe (breath, rhythm and step for a good walk)
Learning to sleep (sleep hygiene for a good dream)

november 25-26, 2023 The path, overlooking the sea, from Noli to Varigotti

Listen to yourself
Listening to the body and its sensations during a walk
Listening to your unconscious through the dream

february 24-25, 2024 The wayfarer’s path on the shores of Lake Como

The tools of the trade
The backpack as a solution to the problems of the walker
Dream theater as an internal relational compass 

The routes have a variable duration between 4 and 10 km and a duration between 2 and 4 hours spread throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday morning. All people who are in a good state of health and do not have pathologies that prevent exercise in the open air can participate in the walks. The participation in each stage, lasting a weekend (1 day and a half), includes the cost of 290 euro per person and includes one night in a double room (single room price on request) with breakfast and dinner (drinks excluded) and medical insurance. Optional cancellation insurance. The routes may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

The stage of the experience trip will be confirmed upon reaching a minimum of 10 participants.



From 9:00 am to 10:00 am free arrival in the hotel
10:30 am meeting in the lobby with the guide and the dream expert
10:45 am departure for CAMMIN SOGNANDO

The excursion previews is stops of deepening of the topics object of the experience that for the lunch
around 04:00 pm back to the hotel
080:00 pm dinner


from 7:30 am breakfast in the hotel
9:30 am meeting in the lobby with the guide and the dream expert
9:45 am departure for CAMMIN SOGNANDO

Short walk to learn more and debrief about the experience
around 12:30 pm return to the hotel

End of services

Equipment required for walking:

  • comfortable shoes for walking
  • backpack
  • raincoat
  • snack & water
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • sticks (optional)

Communicate Your Way

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